Apex Legends battle Pass For Season 7 Altered For Easier Progression2

With Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends now in its seventh season, players are more or less familiar with what to expect in terms of progression. In a bid to spice things up, EA made some changes to the Apex Legends battle pass for season 7. The original intent was to simplify things and reward players more for their effort. However, the change did not turn out as planned. As a result, Respawn has tweaked the Apex Legends battle pass for season 7.

After complaints of the progression being too slow, Respawn has responded by cutting down the effort required to progressing to the next level. Instead of 10,000 XP, now, all you need is 5,000 XP in order to obtain a star. Ten stars are required in order to earn a battle pass level. Respawn has also shared that Weekly challenges in the Apex Legends battle pass for season 7 will require less time to complete starting next week.

Explaining the original intention of the change, Respawn had the interests of the players at heart. The objective was to ensure the whole season would be engaging for players throughout. The content was also designed to encourage players to give other Legends and playstyles a try.

Good intentions

As a theory, collecting a number of stars is certainly easier than thinking about the different amounts of XP to achieve the next level. However, in practice, that is certainly not the case. Before this latest alteration, the Apex Legends battle pass would have been geared more towards the hardcore players. Casual players on the other hand would have a harder time to catch up if they missed certain challenges compared to the past.

Apex Legends battle Pass For Season 7 Altered For Easier Progression1

The collective sentiment resulted in EA and Respawn taking a look at their implementation and correcting the change. Now, players will have an easier time to progress in the Apex Legends battle pass for the latest season.

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