Respawn Adds New Option For Players Looking To Go Solo In Apex Legends (2)

Apex Legends Season 8 is already into its second event. First, we had the Second Anniversary Collection Event. Now, we’re dropping into the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event. The latest event brings a bunch of new features, including a Town Takeover for the battle royale’s resident mad scientist, Caustic. This Apex Legends guide will give you the lay of the land for the new named location, as well as some tips to help you hit the ground running and gunning at Caustic Treatment.

Caustic Treatment replaces Water Treatment in the southern part of King’s Canyon. It has one main central building with all the goodies. Plus, a few outlying spots with a little bit of loot scattered about. The high-tier loot inside the main building is your goal. It’s just a matter of if you want to rush it or play it slow.


How to get the Gold loot in Caustic Treatment

Apex Legends Caustic Treatment Gold Tier Loot

The main attraction of Caustic Treatment is the guaranteed Gold tier loot that you can access through a mechanic unique to the Town Takeover. The only problem is that the loot is surrounded by pools of toxic liquid that will damage you if you touch them.

However, using a switch near the front or back entrance, you can drain the toxic pools in the treatment area and reap your rewards. There are four Gold tier items for you to collect. The image above shows you what the switch that drains the pools looks like. The clip below shows you exactly how to access it through the front entrance.

Caustic Treatment Gold Tier Loot

I would not recommend going straight for the Gold loot unless your team is alone. The time it takes to drain the pools is enough time for your enemies to pick up a weapon and armor. Even if you manage to get one piece of Gold gear, you’re going to be fighting enemies with more than enough to take you down.

The best places to land in Caustic Treatment

The south (or back) side of Caustic Treatment is my preferred location to drop in the area. There are plenty of crates to loot outside the main building, which can serve you well if you want to ensure you get a gun before heading into the often-brutal main building.

If you’re going to land in the front (north) section of Caustic Treatment, make sure you aim for one of the two side doors. These open into sections of the room with high amounts of loot. Plus, you can easily move from these areas into more defensible areas that also contain loot.

The drop route I like to encourage my team to follow most often is the one in the clip below. You head to the backside of the facility and open the door to one of the rooms adjacent to the room that houses the control for the toxic pools. These rooms hold enough guns for your entire team to pick up a weapon. So, you can drop here, load up on weapons, and then move through the main building as a unit, dealing with enemies as you encounter them. Once you’ve dealt with them all, you can return to one of the control switches and claim the Gold tier loot.

Caustic Treatment Best Drop Route

Apex Legends Caustic Treatment guide to the secret room

It turns out that Caustic Treatment has a secret. There’s a room that only Caustic and Wattson can access, which may be teasing the next map coming to Apex Legends. If you head around the back of the treatment plant, there’s a vent you can climb to and hop into. At the end of the corridor is a door that only Caustic and Wattson can open.

If you open the door, you’ll get to see a short clip of Caustic talking about expanding his plans to a new location. He mentions Solace City and, if you look at the map above the video feed, you can see Solace with a giant ring around it. It looks a lot like a map. Could this be a teaser for the next map coming to Apex Legends?

Caustic Treatment Secret Room

That’s the Apex Legends Caustic Treatment guide in the bag. We’ve got plenty more guides to help you in the Apex Games in our Apex Legends guides and features hub.

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