EA scrounges up a retail edition for Apex Legends for October

Apex Legends has established itself as a game worth playing for FPS enthusiasts, and the developers have continued to deliver support, new content, and events since launch. The game runs generally well now and continued balancing changes have allowed the overall experience to improve. However, it still comes up short in regards to features when compared to Fortnite, which Apex initially sought to challenge. One of the key perks for Epic’s battle royale has been the accessibility provided by crossplay. The feature allows friends to play together no matter the platform, and crossplay is something Apex Legends desperately needs to stay popular. Fortunately, the feature is nearly here.

Starting on October 6, players will be able to jump in with their friends to enjoy the crossplay beta feature in Apex Legends. It will allow Xbox, PlayStation, and Origin players to all match together. Respawn also noted that Steam will support crossplay when Apex releases there.

Once crossplay does become available, it will be automatically enabled as a setting. You can of course turn it off, but for us PC players, there’s really no point. Respawn is more worried about console players feeling outmatched. Therefore, the way crossplay works is that console players cross over into the PC servers when they team up. That means that most of the enemy players you do encounter will still be on PC. Don’t expect things to get any easier.

Apex Legends Crossplay Beta Ui

Putting together the dream team

However, if you would like to team up with your console friends and show them how 1337 PC lobbies are, you can invite them via Origin. Game Director Chad Grenier explained a little how this will work. First, you will need to go to the friend menu (on any platform) and select ”Find Friend.” Once you lookup the corresponding name, just send the friend request and ask them to confirm it. And that’s it. Your Origin account takes care of the pesky details, including setting up voice chat. You will also still receive the same Origin notifications, while your friend will get Xbox notifications whenever you interact. That’s appreciable integration.

Apex Legends Crossplay Beta Buddies

Of additional note, crossplay arrives alongside the Aftermarket Collection event which will add another set of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics to Apex Legends. All 24 items will be available via the in-game store. Not everyone gets excited about microtransactions, but it is almost Halloween. Maybe you want to switch it up in-game with a new costume, too.

Powering back up in the new mode

The last major addition coming on October 6 is the new limited-time mode called Flashpoint. The developers have been on a roll lately with new ways to play Apex, and Flashpoint sounds equally exciting. It sounds fresh, it sounds hectic, and it sounds like you will likely die more often than live. It should make for some fun battles though.

Apex Legends Crossplay Beta Flashpoint Mode

Observe a Flash Point zone surrounding a point of interest.

Here’s how it works, Flashpoint takes place in King’s Canyon and features massive zones where players will see their health and shield automatically recharge. It will be difficult to heal in this mode, so teams will naturally gravitate to them. While there won’t be healing items on the map, you will be able to craft Phoenix Kits and use abilities to stay alive. It will be interesting to see how this mode plays out, because the final circles will also end in Flash Point zones.

For more information about the crossplay beta and what else is coming to Apex Legends, you can head over to the game’s official blog.

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