Apex Legends: Defiance season adds new Control game mode

Apex Legends Control Defiance Season Game Mode

Following Thursday’s launch trailer, Respawn Entertainment has revealed more of what’s to come in Apex Legends‘ next update. We already knew that the Defiance update will introduce a new legend, battle pass, and a map update for Olympus. However, it turns out that Defiance’s release will also see a new game mode added to Apex Legends called Control.

Control is a new limited-time game mode coming to Apex. It will see two teams of nine face off against each other in a competition of territory control. Three different territories can be captured, and teams gain points based on how many territories they own at once. The winning team is whoever reaches the max score first, or whoever has the most points at the end of the match.


In other words, Control is Apex‘s interpretation of similar game modes like Call of Duty‘s Domination and Battlefield‘s Conquest. Unlike the core battle royale mode in Apex Legends, dying in Control does not end your game. Players can get back into the fight after they die to help their team capture the objectives.

Both Control and the other content included in the Defiance season update will be available from February 8. Control will only be available for the duration of this season, so those interested won’t want to wait too long to try it out. An exact end date hasn’t been confirmed, but based on previous seasons, players can expect Defiance to end sometime in May.

Season 12

Defiance will be the twelfth season of Apex Legends since its launch in 2019. This season will add a new legend called Mad Maggie, plus a battle pass and map rework for Olympus. It’ll be interesting to see how Mad Maggie fits into the meta. Her confirmed abilities hint at her being a fast-paced, run and gun style legend.

Even after these first two trailers, some details still evade us. Assuming that there will be a new weapon introduced, we have no idea what it is. Hopefully, more information about Defiance will be revealed in the coming days.

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