Apex Legends Fuse Abilities

Fuse is the latest Legend to join the Apex roster in Season 8. He’s an interesting character with an equally interesting set of abilities. I say this because he requires a degree of skill and precision to be decent, but certainly packs a wallop when his abilities are able to shine. We have a detailed guide that covers Fuse’s abilities and general usefulness in Apex Legends, but that guide focuses on him as an individual.

Apex Legends is a game that requires teammates to coordinate the abilities of their different characters to come out on top. This guide explores additional perks of using Fuse in combination with other Legends as well as things to watch out for. Spoiler alert: it just might tip your opinion of Fuse to a more favorable view.


As I stated in the main guide, Fuse must be used to his full potential to make him a worthwhile choice. His ability to counter other Legends adds to a large part of his worth. Fuse really shines in this way through his Knuckle Cluster Tactical that creates airburst explosions.

Knuckle Cluster tends to play an important role in damaging enemy equipment, and you’ll regularly want to use it to reduce enemy effectiveness. Knuckle Cluster destroys Watson’s Perimeter Security fence poles, Mirage’s decoys, Loba’s Black Markets, Lifeline’s Heal Drones, Rampart’s Amped Covers, Revenant’s Death Totem, and triggers Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps. The ease of use for Knuckle Cluster paired with all of these perks means you should have plenty of targets to consider in every firefight when using Fuse.

Apex Legends Fuse

Knuckle Cluster is ready for use after a 25 second cooldown.

Fuse and other Legends

When it comes to Fuse’s Passive Grenadier ability, I’ve discovered another cool perk. When using Loba’s Black Market, Fuse can acquire two grenades of the same type at once, provided that two grenades of the same type are in the area. These two grenades will only count for one of your selections, plus it’s an easy way to skip the extra looting. 

Apex Legends Level Progression

Fuse can really make things difficult for other Legends, but a few return the favor.

The Motherlode also deserves special considerations when it comes to who is on your team. You’ll want to think about who complements Fuse’s Motherlode and other AoE damage perks.

Horizon should immediately come to mind, as her Black Hole Ultimate can funnel enemies together so that you can trap them with The Motherlode. The Black Hole can also drag enemies through the flames. The Motherlode also can be tricky to aim in some instances, so having a Horizon that can lift you into the air might be one way to obtain a better angle for firing The Motherlode. Caustic’s Nox Grenade is another excellent Ultimate to use in unison with The Motherlode, because the gas will quickly kill anyone stuck inside flames. Better yet, it may force them to take more damage by passing through the flames.

Bangalore and Gibraltar can also launch offensive Ultimate attacks that will be far more effective when enemies are already struggling to deal with movement restrictions. If you can stun an enemy with Fuse’s flames, these airstrikes should be more than enough to finish them off.

Apex Legends Motherlode

If you can trap enemies within the flames of The Motherloade, Octane’s jump pads are perfect for rapidly closing in while they are still confused.

Watch out you pyromaniacs

While The Motherlode can be a decent offensive tool, you do have to pay attention to who you use it on. Wraith, Horizon, Octane, Pathfinder, and Loba are all going to be able to escape from its effects, even if you fully trap them within the flames on flat ground. You’ll need to be ready for them if they launch into the air or try to portal out. Likewise, don’t expect The Motherlode to be effective against Gibraltar’s Shield of Protection. Watson’s Interception Pylon is particularly good against Fuse, as it can negate all of his ability advantages. Fortunately, you won’t see her too often.

Try to target the Legends who can’t respond to Fuse’s Ultimate ability and you’ll feel much more powerful on the battlefield. If anything, think of Fuse as a character that is constantly able to apply pressure to enemies in Apex Legends. You might not always do damage, but a constant rain of fire and a hail of grenades will keep enemies running and burning abilities to avoid you.

Aside from Fuse, we also have guides on other content related to Season 8 of Apex Legends. Learn how to best use the Gold magazines, master the 30-30 Repeater, and adapt to the map changes in Kings Canyon. You can even try out Fuse along the way.

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