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Apex Legends Season 4 gets underway on February 4. Forge, a buff dude with a robotic arm, is currently the only confirmed new character. However, some internet sleuths on Reddit have done what they do best and found promotional artwork for a second character called Revenant.

Forge looks like a weird matchup of a 19th-century British prizefighter and Jax from Mortal Kombat. Meanwhile Revenant, well, seems marketed towards the same crowd that likes Reaper in Overwatch. Although he might not be playable at the start of Season 4, we’ve known about Revenant for a while.

New characters

Although he hasn’t been confirmed, the Revenant artwork was found on EA’s answers site. Redditor that1miningguy shared his discovery late last night. Revenant is, basically, a robot skeleton. He’s even got a bandana. Everyone knows robots need bandanas.

Revenant first showed up around last Halloween for Apex LegendsFight or Fright Collection Event trailer. It wasn’t much to go by. He stood ominously beneath a full moon, far away from the camera. Since then, some data miners have discovered extra information about him. This artwork, however, provides our first real glimpse at the character.


The confirmed character making his way into Apex Legends is Forge. He’s buff. He has mutton chops. And he’s apparently pretty good at melee. I haven’t hopped on Apex Legends in some time, but it’s interesting to see it add a melee-heavy character. I’m not sure how well it will work in a game designed around such big maps and firefights, but then again, my understanding of the meta is several months old.

Even so, I have to wonder if Revenant will somehow balance out Forge’s close-quarters playstyle. On the other hand, perhaps his skillset will complement it. A sneaky melee approach, as opposed to an in-your-face one, could prove interesting.

Apex Legends Forge

Season 4

Apex Legends Season 4 will also bring a new battle pass, Assimilation, in addition to a bolt-action sniper rifle called the Sentinel. Hopefully, the Sentinel can keep Forge out of your face. Ranked Series 3 is starting up as well, so you can start over fresh. You can also get a free gift if you log in between February 4 and 11, which includes a Year 1 Origami Flyer charm, a Year 1 Loyalty badge, and 10k experience for your first match of the day during the anniversary week.

We don’t know if Revenant will show up at the start of Season 4 or if he’ll appear later on down the line. For now, we can only wait and see what Respawn chooses to do.

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