Apex Legends Legacy update modifies Olympus map, adds weapon alongside Valkyrie reveal

Apex Legends Legacy Update

Apex Legends continues to roll through its eighth season and shows no signs of slowing down. The roster of selectable legends has grown from six to 17 in the newly announced Apex Legends Legacy update. The last legend added was Fuse, a grenade toting hardass with a mullet designed for entry-level players. The Apex Legends Legacy update is planned for May 4 and will introduce recently revealed pilot Kairi ‘Valkyrie’ Imahara, Bocek Bow weapon, and modify its newest map – Olympus.

The Bocek Bow

Respawn Entertainment and EA recently revealed that a new weapon would come with the Apex Legends Legacy update. The Bocek Bow, described as “capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range,” will likely come as a Care Package. Considering arrows aren’t currently part of the Apex Legends ammo mix, it will likely have limited ammo. As we’ve seen before, just because a weapon starts as a limited Care Package delivery doesn’t mean it will stay that way in the future. Two examples of this happening can be seen with the Peacekeeper shotgun and Prowler SMG. Introduced as common weapons, they eventually became Care Package drops.


Bocek Bow

Modifying Olympus

Much like the evolution of the Kings Canyon map, Olympus too will see some layout changes. The newest map interaction will modify the landscape with an “infestation” of vegetation. The city will now have “roots and natural growths” which could provide for some nice temporary cover in the many open areas currently on the map. This is a nice change from the random scattering of polygonal rocks available to duck behind as a last resort.

Northstar short

The trailer for Valkyrie was revealed on the official Apex Legends YouTube page with a story trailer titled, “Northstar.” The video runs a little over eight minutes long, providing some nice visuals and a glimpse into Valkyrie’s origin story as a “fiery and fierce” aspiring pilot. The addition of Valkyrie might lead fans to wonder if more Titanfall-esque content will start to pour into Apex Legends considering that it exists in the Titanfall universe. Like maybe, a Titan or two? As for now, it looks like the focus still is on the standalone battle royale.

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