Newcastle is the latest hero to join Apex Legends

Newcastle Apex Legends saviors

Respawn Entertainment has revealed that Newcastle will be joining the roster of Apex Legends when Season 13, titled Saviors, launches on May 10. The new character was seemingly leaked back in March alongside a larger list of nine future characters.

Newcastle, the 21st character hero to join the game, is described as the Hero of Harris Valley. A new trailer for the character showcases his Robocop style character design and shield abilities as he mingles with the rest of the cast. The legends battle together against a large sea creature while Newcastle uses his shields to defend others. Before long, Bangalore realizes his true identity.


For fans who follow the lore of Apex Legends, Newcastle is actually quite important. Respawn has confirmed that his real name is Jackson Williams and that he is the long-lost brother of Bangalore. Most considered him dead. That should raise some interesting questions for where Respawn will take this story next. Newcastle was initially revealed in a prior Stories from the Outlands video that gave fans a glimpse of the pair in action together. In terms of gameplay, his defensive actions and shield abilities suggest that he will be a Defensive type hero.

New changes coming to Apex Legends

Newcastle may be the biggest new addition to Apex Legends, but Respawn has also detailed other changes coming to Season 13. An overhaul will be coming to the ranked modes that focuses on rewarding skill and effective teamwork.

A new Battle Pass will naturally bring with it new cosmetics to unlock in Season 13. Most interestingly, the sea creature seen in the new trailer will have a role to play on the Storm Point map, and hidden weapon vaults will have AI Spectres guarding them.

The official reveal of Newcastle is coming in a new Stories from the Outlands video on April 28.

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