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Tactical ability: Silence

Revenant’s Tactical is an excellent pairing with the rest of his abilities that contribute to his aggressive playstyle. The primary function of Silence is to disrupt enemy abilities. It applies to enemy Tacticals, Ultimates, and most Passive skills. It’s primary function is to disrupt enemies and induce panic, but it can also be used to cause minor health damage and assert area denial. For these reasons, you should the ability on enemies whenever you have an opportunity to do so.


Silence fires on an arc similar to a grenade, but with slightly more range. Revenant gets two charges, and it takes him about half a second to ready the ability. Silence grenades detonate on impact and create a obscure cloud of orange and black energy for 10 seconds on the point of detonation. The cooldown for each charge is 25 seconds.

If you manage to hit an enemy, Silence does 10 health damage and blocks their abilities for 15 seconds. If you catch enemies unaware, you can fire it directly at them to begin a fight with an advantage. Those who rely on their abilities for panic situations will often hesitate (such as Octane or Gibby) as they first try to figure out how to react before then trying to locate you. Silence is an easy way for a team to pick off a single enemy before their teammates have a chance to provide support. At the very least, you can force enemies to perform a quick tactical retreat.

Down and out

While all of the enemies that you silence will lose their Tactical and Ultimate abilities for the duration of the effect, the loss of Passive abilities is often not considered as much. This is why it pays off to spam Silence. Legends like Lifeline lose access to their healing drone that also automatically revive enemies. Gibraltar loses his personal ADS Gunshield. Mirage can’t turn invisible while healing enemies. Valkyrie even loses her jets, which to call disruptive is an understatement. You can even pull a Wraith out of their Dimensional Rift if you manage to hit them. Silence grenades also activate Caustic gas traps, so spam away. Just watch out for Wattson’s Ultimate device, because it will destroy your Silence grenades.

Revenant Guide Apex Legends Abilities Tips Gameplay Buff

You can also use Silence charges to obscure enemy sightlines, as the effects are quite complex. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a push, block pathways with Silence to make enemies pause to weigh the risks of losing their abilities in order to continue their assault.

Another unique perk of the Silence ability is that you can throw grenades or heal simultaneously while firing it. Revenant is a robot after all, so dexterity is just a matter of programming.

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