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Apex Legends Revenant analysis guide — The phantom nemesis

Embrace death.
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Squad recommendations and meta ranking

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Revenant is generally flexible with the teammates he can fight with, though having at least one fast character can be advantageous for rapid flanks while Death Protection is active or while enemies are Silenced. Octane, Wraith, and Pathfinder are all good movement-focused options for capitalizing on Revenant’s abilities.

Since the Death Totem Ultimate respawns allies with half health, having a Lifeline around to heal immediately after isn’t a bad idea either. Unfortunately, her health drones don’t heal anyone during Death Protection, so don’t bother there.


Bloodhound is also highly recommended for teams with active Death Protection, as his scans can help reduce the time you spend approaching a situation. The last thing you want is for Death Protection to expire in a bad position. Bloodhound shows you exactly where to push in as little time possible.

As for if Revenant’s revised abilities now make him good for ranked/tournament level competition in Apex Legends, it’s unlikely. Most teams already have preferred characters and strategies, so it would take more buffs to make competitive players reconsider Revenant when they already know what works best for them. However, he’s certainly a fun Legend that can put up a real fight if you’re sneaky and have a good sense of tactical strategies. Plus he has a terrifying scythe, which has to be one of the coolest Heirlooms in the game at the moment.

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Revenant Heirloom

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