Apex Legends Season 10 Climatizer After Emergence
Season 10.

It’s been a few seasons now since the last time Respawn Entertainment added a new map to Apex Legends. The development team has instead tried to improve and refresh the existing maps. King’s Canyon received some attention for Season 8 (to a mixed reception), map changes for Season 9 focused on Olympus, and Season 10 is all about Apex Legends‘ favorite competitive map, World’s Edge.

If you still need to catch up on the Season 10 Emergence patch notes, you can check out our summary on what’s new and important.


It was risky for the devs to try and revamp the map that many of the competitive players asked them not to change. While we are not pros, we did check it out. Several major locations have been revised. These include Sorting, the Refinery, Train Station, and the tunnels north of the Geyser. It seems safe to say these will be some generally positive map changes, though the disaster (there was a literal rockslide) that took place over at the Train Yard may prove controversial.

The rest of the changes seem pretty logical and should reduce the frequency of third party situations. There’s still plenty of cover at the new areas like Lava Siphon, but not too much that enemies can sneak up completely undetected from far away. Enemies will need to weave their way through cover to your location.

The other major improvements apply to map rotations. Previously, there were a few areas that funneled teams through chokepoints due to long ridgelines. This could quickly predetermine the final results of a match. Players will now be able to travel through the mountain at Lava Siphon and make use of an additional tunnel north of the Geyser.

Apex Legends Lmg Season10 New Map World's Edge Emergence Changes

Cool new areas

Upon first glance at the Season 10 version of World’s Edge, you’ll likely notice the changes at the northeastern area of the map first. There’s a large blanket of snow now covering the area where the Refinery used to be. In addition to that, there’s a large channel of lava running through it that extends almost past the Epicenter. The contrast between the snow and lava there is a sight to see.

The story behind this change is that Hammond Corp. is attempting to reverse the catastrophic meltdown going on at the site. As such, the Climatizer has replaced the Refinery. You’ll notice that an entirely new structure is present along with some automated gondolas to ferry you across the lava pit. This was was a relatively dull area before, so the point of these changes is to attract more players to that area of the map and provide some interesting gameplay for encounters.

Aside from the gondolas, there are several bridges that can be used to cross the lava pit. You’ll definitely want to make use of these, as there are no rising air effects to save you if you fall in there. Only the lava pit at Fragment sites will uplift you.

The changes to the northern area of the map should make for some far more interesting gameplay. We also noted that there is far more loot. Games ending around there should offer more scavenging opportunities.

Hot spots to land

Sorting also met a fiery end. The entire area was pretty much blown up and replaced with a magma processing facility of some sort. Wait, you know the difference between magma and lava right? Most of the lava cooled off at this location thanks to the machinery at work. The undergound molten rock is continuously fed into some type of harvesting machine. You can see this all in action inside of the mountain that Sorting bordered. As for the open area, it looks somewhat similar to the Climatizer now. You can take gondolas between a few towers, and most of the old structures are now gone.

There’s a lot of open space at Lava Siphon now, but just enough cover to save you and your team from getting caught in the open. We foresee a lot of gondola battles taking place here. Also take note of the bridge that connects the northern chasm to the other side now. This addition should drastically improve gameplay and stop teams from getting shutout due to verticality limitations. At the same time, this bridge will bottleneck movement, so it shouldn’t be too enabling for Legends that lack movement abilities.

Trainyard is now a Boneyard

The developers believe that the revisions to Train Yard will improve that part of the map. From what we’ve seen, it’s quite barren now in terms of cover and loot. This doesn’t match the claim that similar levels of loot can be found here either. This should reduce the number of players swarming the location out of the dropship though. Either way, this isn’t a great place to land anymore.

New pathways to explore

The last major thing to cover in regard to the Apex Legends Season 10 map changes on World’s Edge is that there are now more rotation routes. Not a lot, but enough. You can find a new tunnel leaving the eastern vault now that opens up at the edge of the map near Overlook. This was added to allow players more options between Fragment East, Overlook, and Geyser.

In the short few games we’ve already played, this is a marked improvement. The new tunnel is also quite spacious and will invite battles, much like some of the tunnels in King’s Canyon. Note that there are two doors you can exit towards Outlook. Also, be ready to fight on the staircase and zipline in the middle. That’s an interesting chokepoint.

There’s also a new route that players can take over by Outlook. Instead of being forced into the location along a long ridgeline, there’s now a gap in the ridge that allows access to the eastern end of Outlook. This too is another great addition that should improve endgame scenarios in the vicinity.

Lastly, as already mentioned, there’s a new route that goes through the mountain at Lava Siphon. The route connects the previously ignored railway tunnel to the Lava Siphon location. It’s not just a tunnel though. Think of it as more of a small facility. There is also plenty of loot to collect, which will make this an excellent position to land at or hold as a fortification.

Lava Siphon

Expect some intense engagement in here.

These are all of the major map changes on World’s Edge for Season 10 of Apex Legends. It’s certainly possible that the developers could tweak things or introduce changes during the season. You can check out the developer blog to learn a little more about the process that went into these changes if interested.

We have more guides for Season 10 of Apex Legends coming in the next couple days. We’ll break down Seer’s abilities and how to best use the new Rampage LMG. You can also head over to our Apex Legends guides and features hub for more up-to-date analysis.

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