Apex Legends Rampart

A new cinematic Apex Legends trailer was released to give fans a taste of what’s to come in Season 6. The next season, titled Boosted, will add some new mechanics to the battle royale. The next Legend is entering the Apex Games as well, known as Rampart. In addition to her, an SMG called the Volt will appear around the battlefield too. Of course, there’s also a new battle pass, ranked season, and a brand-new crafting feature coming with Season 6 on August 18.

The tagline for Apex Legends Season 6 reads, “If you can’t loot it, build it.” That gives you a hint of the changes coming to the arena. It also synergizes perfectly with the release of Rampart, who is described as an expert modder who made a name for herself in underground fight clubs. Season 6 was touted to be focusing on Bangalore, but it looks like a lot of the attention will be on the big-talking newcomer.

New tools to use

The Apex Legends Season 6 trailer gives us a brief look at some of Rampart’s abilities. Her tactical ability, Amped Cover, blocks incoming shots while amplifying the damage of outgoing shots. You can see Bangalore firing through this in the trailer. Presumably, it will also buff other players’ outgoing bullets. You can also see Rampart making use of her ultimate ability in the trailer. It’s a mounted machine gun that anyone can use.

Apex Legends Rampart Ultimate

Other than the new Legend, the most exciting thing coming to Apex Legends is the new weapon. The battle royale already has an energy assault rifle, LMG, and sniper rifle. Now, it’s getting an energy SMG in the form of the Volt.

Apex Legends Season 6 Volt

Another interesting feature coming in the new season is the ability to craft during a match. All we know so far, is that you will be able to collect materials around the map and use them to build better gear.

In addition to Season 6, PC players are still eagerly awaiting the release of Apex Legends on Steam. For now, you can play the hit battle royale for free through Origin.

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