Seer Apex Legends Season 10 Abilities

EA held its Play event today to show off more of what’s in development among its various studios. While the Battlefield 2042 news and reveal of the Deadspace remake were certainly exciting, the new info we received about Apex Legends is perhaps the best part of today since we only have to wait a few more days to experience it. Season 10 of Apex Legends begins on August 3, and we now know what the abilities of the new Legend named Seer will be.

Seer will perform a recon role quite similar to that of Bloodhound, actually. As seen in the trailer, he is able to deploy small drones that identify enemies. Afterwards, Respawn’s multiplayer designer Chad Greenier further explained this in greater detail. Seer’s Passive ability pertains to an ADS function that allows him to track heartbeats of nearby enemies. He can then use his Tactical ability to deploy drones that will locate said enemy and provide information on their movements.


As you can tell, this sounds quite similar to Bloodhound, though we assume there will be subtle differences. It sounds like Seer’s abilities cater to more of a stealth recon approach. If there’s one thing we can say about Bloodhound, it’s that his scans are not low key. Perhaps we will be able to track opponents using Seer without them knowing. Seeing as how the drones form into the shape of a moth and fly up to the face of Revenant though, it’s not exactly reassuring. It was interesting to see that the drones bypassed Wattson’s Ultimate, though. As if she needed another nerf.

Enter the drone dome?

As for Seer’s Ultimate, it sounds similar to Bloodhound’s Ultimate as well. You can target an area with a drone cage of sorts that will reveal enemy movement unless they are walking slowly to avoid sensor detection. Without knowing all of the ins and outs of this Ultimate, it admittedly sounds like a worse version of Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt Ultimate.

There could be some additional perks to it though, such as a longer active time or large radius. You can also use it on specific areas, whereas Bloodhound must actually scan the enemies or they will still be able to slip past him. With Seer, you won’t need to pay as close attention. You could simply place the Ultimate where it’s needed and then turn your back to engage a different group of enemies. Seeing as this will be a continuous effect, it could also act as a deterrent for enemies intent on approaching your squad at an unwanted time.

Fiery power

We also got a brief look at the new LMG headed to the game. It’s hard to say for sure, but it appears to use some type of new flame-based ammunition. Visually, the cartridge that was loaded into the weapon looked similar to a Thermite grenade. Whether that was actually powering the gun is a different story.

We’ll learn more about how Seer’s abilities work as more trailers and news updates release in the lead up to Apex Legends Season 10.

Rampage Apex Legends Lmg

Introducing the Rampage LMG, sure to bring the heat to every firefight.

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