Apex Legends December 3 update

Apex Legends, at its core, has the potential to be an amazing game. It broke records at the beginning of this year when it released, but as quickly as it soared to the stars, it came back down to Earth. The December 3 update released, sort of, that addressed the game’s lack of progression, but not much of anything else.

Shoot your friends

Starting with the positive: The new firing range in Apex Legends has been very well received by the player base. One critique players had for it though was wanting the ability to deal damage to other players in the range. This allows for players to have true warm-ups since jumping in a battle royale game can be very random

Apex Legends Firing Range

Fixes that don’t really fix

Then the less positive: Scrolling through patch notes, I noticed “THE PEACEKEEPER” in huge letters, and my heart fluttered. But then I read the text underneath that stated, “We’ve heard feedback loud and clear that the Peacekeeper is still feeling too powerful in Apex Legends after latest changes. We are working to push out more tweaks to address it ASAP and will post details on timing and what those changes will be soon.” While it is nice that they are acknowledging that the weapon is busted beyond belief, this isn’t new information.

Knockdown shields got a small buff and a slight nerf. Commons now give 200 HP instead of 100 HP and rares give 450 HP instead of 250 HP. The nerf is that movement speed while your shield is up was reduced from 0.65 to 0.55.

Wattson got some love with this update. Her ultimate received a buff in how it eliminates projectiles. It seemed that before some grenades here and there would get past her ultimate, but this patch aims to stop that from happening: “It now predicts the trajectory of grenades thrown within the interception zone and intercepts them if they will land anywhere within that zone.” This is a good change that will help her do more for your team.

All in all, the December 3 update isn’t “bad” by any means, but it’s not awe-inspiring. The Apex Legends community really wants the current game state addressed sooner rather than later.

Dillon Bantel
Dillon Bantel is an avid gamer, esports enthusiast, and writer. He has been gaming since he and his brother got their first Nintendo 64 and had to fight over the only controller. He found his home with first-person shooters like Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2. He still loves playing games with friends and asserting his dominance to the noobs on the other team. When he isn’t gaming with friends, he is working on his debut young adult novel, Tyranny.

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