June 20th, 2017

Apocalypse soon: Journey of a Roach begins November

Journey of a Roach - 6

Daedalic Games and Kobaldgames have announced that their 3D adventure, Journey of a Roach, will be crawling onto computers in November. I sort of want to call this a cock-’em-up, but that might be a bit rude.

Journey of a Roach is set in what’s described as “a sarcastic, post-apocalyptic world,” in which players help roaches Jim and Bud navigate a deserted vault to reach the Earth’s surface. Fear not: it looks fairly cutesy as opposed to realistic, which means it’ll be less nightmare-inducing than the last cockroach-led adventure I can remember.

Being roaches, they have some unique features – they can crawl up walls, along ceilings, and onto objects, but they obviously can’t talk (you idiot), so they communicate using “easily understandable signal language.” There are no written or spoken languages in the game. At all. Except maybe on the menus, I guess, but perhaps not even that.

Journey of a Roach is due out in the nuclear winter of November. Screenshots below.

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