Puzzle & Dragons

App store analytics firm App Annie has shared data on mobile gaming for the year 2013. Straight out the gate, Puzzle & Dragons hits the top 3 selling charts across iOS, Google Play, and 3DS alike. This is the 1st crossover mobile / portable hit worldwide, beating out Rovio and all their multiplatform Angry Birds ports to the punch.

Here are some other interesting odds and ends from AppAnnie’s report:

Over 75 % of app spending in iOS and Google came from games for this quarter, up year on year.

The install base for dedicated game consoles dropped 3 % to 200 million, mostly due to a severe drop in the DS install base. While Nintendo has compensated internally with 3DS growth, this has also led to tablets now having a bigger install base than consoles.

Shipments / sales volume for dedicated game consoles dropped 1 % between 4Q12 and 4Q13. This is across both retail and digital sales. However, Nintendo facilitated the increase in revenue to 9 % because of their high prices.

Finally, dedicated game consoles saw more seasonal sales than iOS or Google Play. Almost 40 % of revenue for the year was made in the 4th quarter.

Image is from Puzzle & Dragons.

Puzzle & Dragons

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