Arcadeo Gaming chair haptic feedback

The idea of implementing haptic rumble feedback into a gaming chair is really neat. However, one of the few we’ve seen thus far is from Acer. And to be fair, as cool as the Predator Thronos Air looks, we don’t have $14,000 lying around. Fortunately, Arcadeo Gaming looks to have a more affordable solution on hand. During the Consumer Electronics Show this week, the company introduced its first “smart chair,” which incorporates the technology — and sweet LED lighting — into the chair. And what’s more, it’s way more affordable, going for $800.

How does the “smart chair” work?

The chair is able to connect to devices using a USB-C cable, including PCs, consoles, televisions, and VR headsets. With it, users can set up 10 different “haptic zones” to feel vibrations from whatever they’re playing or watching. Explosions and bullets can actually translate really well throughout the chair. It’s also comfortable to sit in to boot, even while you’re feeling the vibrations. That’s in part due to the high-quality firm foam padding included with it.

Utilizing a “SmartSense” system that aligns with a separate app, users can adjust these zones however they see fit. They can crank the settings all the way up if they want to feel everything or lighten the load if they prefer. It’s all run across a 16-core processor that reads audio throughout each of the sensors.

What’s more, LED lighting gives you a good idea of just how intense everything is. Utilizing lights built into the sides and the back, you can see just where every setting sits. Check out the picture below to get a better look.

Arcadeo Gaming 2

The chair is set to release sometime during the second quarter of 2020. While preorders haven’t opened up yet, they should soon enough. Be sure to keep tabs on the Arcadeo website if you’re interested in getting your own

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