has come out with an impressive new project for copyleft advocates, retro gaming fans, and pretty much anyone who plays games on their web browser.

A record 900 games are now playable on their site online, thanks to JSMESS, or JavaScript Multi Emulator Super System. The emulator will allow you to run and play games on any web browser, provided you have access to a keyboard and your device supports JavaScript.

Among the games included noteworthy for their rarity or copyright status are Radar Scope, Street Fighter II, The Three Stooges, Tron, Congo Bongo, I, Robot, Ladybug, Sheriff, Tazz-Mania, Teddy Boy Blues, and Budweiser Tapper.

It’s not clear if contacted any of the current or previous IP holders regarding putting up these games online, but for what it’s worth, many of these are worth your time, so do check it out, find a fave or a game you’ve never tried, and give it a go. recommends you play these games on Firefox but most any modern browser will do.

You can check out the Internet Arcade here.

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