Archon Returning To PC, Pre-Orders Dated

Archon is returning to the PC, courtesy of React! Games, for the first time since 1994’s Archon Ultra.Archon combines a chess-like strategy game with one-on-one combat when units clash, and inspired pretty much every other game that functions like that – Star Control, Dark Legions, and Wrath Unleashed, for example.React! Games recently released an updated version of Archon for the iPhone but the team has since turned its attention to the PC, with all sorts of features coming. Expect four-player multiplayer, online play, a whole host of new boards and updated graphics, and a lot more.Pre-orders for the game are set to open on 15 October over on the official site. You can have a look at a tentative screenshot for the PC combat to the top-right, although this is apparently without most of the graphical effects added.

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