Hogwarts Legacy Multiple Endings

Hogwarts Legacy is a large-scale RPG set in the Wizarding World. You’ll be able to make all sorts of choices that impact your time at Hogwarts. But a question lingering on everyone’s minds is what kind of ending, or endings, they should expect. And it looks like Hogwarts Legacy does indeed have multiple endings.

We’ve actually known that Hogwarts Legacy would feature multiple endings for a while. The game’s director, Alan Tew, confirmed this in a gameplay showcase last November. He confirmed that the player’s choices will matter in the grand scheme of Hogwarts Legacy. In particular, he said “some of those things can affect things game-wide. Some of these affect the characters’ lives and the ending of the game.”

However, he didn’t exactly mention how these endings were unlocked. They may be triggered by various actions throughout the game, or something much simpler than that.

Hogwarts Legacy has multiple endings

What makes Hogwarts Legacy‘s multiple endings interesting is the fact that it’s a prequel. Certain things have to happen for the future of the Wizarding World to take place. So it’ll be interesting to see if these endings shape future titles from Portkey Games going forward. Either way, it’s cool to think that players can truly go down whichever path they may want to. If you’ve always wanted to be a dark wizard, then may have the chance to see it here. And if you’d rather stay on the side of the good guys, you can likely do that, too.

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Hogwarts Legacy Multiple Endings Guide

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