Guild Wars 2

    ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson has put himself at serious risk of repetitive strain injury by penning a gigantic update about the direction Guild Wars 2 will be taking throughout 2013. He starts by making the assessment that the game’s success is built on the idea of wide-scale community co-operation in an open world (outside of PvP, obviously) and then moves on to explain how the title will aim to create more of these shared experiences in the coming months.

    Essentially, the team are hoping to introduce more unique storylines and events to the game (such as the recent ‘Wintersday’ event) as an incentive for people to visit and revisit areas of the world. In conjunction with this, the developers are planning to expand and improve the system of rewards players receive for taking part in the game.

    There’s more (much more) about Guilds, World-vs-World and PvP at the site.

    You could also watch this handy video which contains most of the highlights.

    Peter Parrish

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