The next chapter in Guild Wars Beyond which is paving the way for Guild Wars 2 will bring a little romance to Guild Wars with Hearts of the North. The update will feature new quests, missions and content culminating in a special wedding event between legendary heroes Gwen and Keiran Thackeray. GW fans will also be able to play as Keiran in the new content. Full details can be found after the break.
This fall NCsoft and ArenaNet bring a little romance to Guild Wars with Hearts of the North, the most recent chapter in Guild Wars Beyond, the ongoing franchise campaign that sets the stage for Guild Wars 2™. Hearts of the North is a series of missions, quests, and in-game content that takes place in the aftermath of the War in Kryta in which players help reunite the legendary heroes Gwen and Keiran Thackeray through engaging new in-game content, including special missions where they can play as Keiran himself. When wedding bells start ringing, players will prep for the wedding, participate in the ceremony, and even dress in one of the five all-new wedding costumes.

As a special treat for Guild Wars fans, the Hearts of the North lore focuses on the union of Lt. Keiran Thackeray, a figure familiar to War in Kryta players, and Gwen, a beautiful but bitter woman that players first met at the very start of the original Guild Wars. Logan Thackeray, an iconic character in the upcoming release of Guild Wars 2 and the forthcoming Guild Wars novel Edge of Destiny, is the descendant of these two legendary heroes. As part of Hearts of the North, Guild Wars players will once again take part in history, as the wedding of Gwen and Keiran have important ramifications on the world of Guild Wars 2.  

In Hearts of the North, players will experience Guild Wars history through exciting in-game quests, a website that enhances the storyline and have the opportunity to don elegant wedding costumes such as formal gowns and dapper tuxedos. But before the wedding can take place, players will search for clues to Keiran’s whereabouts for a heartsick Gwen, hunt down evil as Keiran Thackeray himself and help a norn wedding planner arrange the festivities.   

Only those players who have finished Guild Wars: Eye of the North and the War in Kryta can access Hearts of the North. Once players have participated in Keiran’s safe return, they can attend the wedding and associated festivities.
In the months ahead, Guild Wars Beyond will continue to establish the foundation of Guild Wars 2 via the current Guild Wars live game.  For more information on Guild Wars and the Hearts of the North, please visit

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