Aria havin’ fun? Images from Mass Effect 3’s Omega DLC

EA and Bioware aren’t done with the single player side of Mass Effect 3 just yet. 27 November will see the release of ‘Omega’, a new DLC that’ll see Shepard teaming up with crime boss Aria T’Loak and a female Turian mercenary called Nyreen Kandros to take back the Omega space station.

It needs taking back because, as anyone who’s played the game will know, pesky old Cerberus nicked it from Aria. According to Bioware, Cerberus has also co-opted a Repear called the ‘Adjutant’ and will (naturally) be using it against you.

Omega will be four missions in length, cost $15 USD and, says Bioware’s Mike Gamble, will be “twice as big” as the previous single player DLC, Leviathan.

Here’s how it’ll look.

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