ARK: Survival Evolved developer, Studio Wildcard, is under a lawsuit filed by Trendy Entertainment (Dungeon Defenders) due to an alleged breach of contract of a former Trendy employee.

Jeremy Stieglitz, the former game designer of Trendy, apparently began soliciting employees from Trendy after he had left the studio. This created competition in development power and sales between Dungeon Defenders and ARK. 

Trendy’s complainant was based around Stieglitz soliciting employees for a new project, violating his non-compete contract. This directs to the set up of Studio Wildcard and development of ARK. 

Stieglitz denied the claims, saying he had only consulted on ARK. 

Wildcard’s lawyers have released a statement addressing the issue:

Trendy’s Complaint reads more like a salacious tabloid story than a short and plain statement of the ultimate facts allegedly showing Trendy’s entitlement to relief, as required by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. Many of the allegations are disparaging and included simply to be provocative. They are irrelevant, immaterial, impertinent, and scandalous. As such, these allegations should be stricken.

We’re not sure what’s going on between Wildcard and Trendy, but chances are, it won’t be too long until we have a straight answer.


Paul Younger
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