Arkane Has Established A Deathloop Steam Release In Timeline 1

The fun part about the new generation of consoles is that we will be getting new games to enjoy. The PC platform will always stand to benefit, be it day and date, or if it is a while later. Bethesda and Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop is a great example. It may be a console exclusive to the PlayStation 5, but it is also coming to PC. While Bethesda confirmed a May 21, 2021 release date for the game following a leak, the storefront it will turn up in remained a mystery. After all, Bethesda as a whole is under Microsoft ownership now. However, it has now been revealed that a Deathloop Steam release is also in the cards.

This comes via Valve’s storefront itself. A Deathloop Steam store page has appeared, with a set retail price of $60 USD. Players getting that version will also receive a character skin as a bonus. There is also the Deluxe Edition of the game. Getting that will grant you even more character skins along with other cosmetic items to boot. While the rest of the page shows nothing new, several GIFs of the game have been added to showcase the action.


Repeated success

Set in the 1960s, the game is all about repeating a certain day until you eliminate eight different targets across the expansive playground of a city. With everything stuck in a time loop, you are free to experiment, test, and go crazy with your attempts to kill everyone.

As you progress through your targets in the city of Blackreef, new events, relationships, and information will be uncovered. This will allow you to take advantage and catch the enemy with their pants down. While the premise of the game definitely had us intrigued, knowing that there is a Steam release coming for Deathloop will make it easier for those accustomed to the platform.

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