A lot of games have been delayed recently and it would seem that the latest to be postponed is the upcoming final installment in Rocksteady’s Arkham franchise, Arkham Knight.

The game was due to be released this October but it has now been pushed back to next year. Exactly when, no one is sure but the developer hopes to ease our frustrations by releasing some new information on the new Batmobile everyone is so excited to drive. The sister site to Eurogamer, USgamer got to go hands on with the Batmobile and they described it as a “heavily armoured and heavily armed war wagon that players can take into a huge number of exterior spaces in the game’s massive, free-roaming rendition of Gotham City”.

“Convert the machine into battle mode and it reveals a massive Gatling gun that, once fully charged, can fire devastating explosive blasts capable of shredding the armour on enemy machines,” USG editor-in-chief Jeremy Parish explains.

“And should you contemplate resorting to mundane vehicular manslaughter, be aware that Rocksteady is a step ahead of you there, too. When enemies approach the Batmobile on foot, they’ll be flung away by the ring of tasers that line the vehicle’s perimeter. All the bases are covered. Batman may be driving around with a minigun on the roof, but he’s still a peacenik at heart.”

Source: Eurogamer

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