June 20th, 2017

Arma 3 beta gets Arma’d Personnel Carriers

arma3_beta_kamyshAPC_screenshot - 1

The Arma 3 beta is continuing to expand, with today’s update throwing in a pair of APCs, an anti-cheat system aimed at improving the multiplayer beta experience, and a bunch of general fixees.

I don’t understand technical military terms barring what I picked up from the Wargame games, so I’m pretty much just going to paraphrase what the press release says. OPFOR get the BTR-K Kamysh, which has a CTWS turret fitted with a 30mm cannon, a coaxial machinegun, and a pair of guided AT missiles, which obviously means it’s really good at supporting infantry. And you wouldn’t want anything other than a CTWS turret on your APC, would you? I mean, really.

But NATO forces have their own APC in the form of the IFV-6c Panther, which has some really strong armour, an RCWS HMG, a 40mm grenade launcher, and smoke flares. And it can carry up to 8 people! Phwoar.

Finally, there’s the BattlEye anti-cheat system which will help “detect and respond to multiplayer hacks.” Not much in the way of details on that, presumably so that they don’t give hackers any hints on how to get around it.

If you’re in the Arma 3 beta on Steam, then your copy should auto-update. You can view the full patch notes here and have a look at some pretty screenshots of these APCs below. Alternatively, if you want to see three people who have no idea how to play Arma 3 trying to play Arma 3, go have a look at our IncGamers Plays videos as we tackle both the alpha and the beta.

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