Developer Bohemia Interactive dropped update 2.00 for Arma 3 today, seemingly out of nowhere. Arma 3 initially launched seven long years ago, and has seen numerous updates since release. A short trailer was revealed alongside the update and if we’re being honest, it looks like pre-release footage.

Nevertheless, update 2.00 will deliver ground-breaking features to Arma 3 like a new pistol, and new slightly more grey combat gear. Sarcasm aside, there are a few other more meaningful additions in here. There’s now a Firing Drill training mode for getting to grips with weapon mechanics, and new tools for sharing custom content directly to the Steam Workshop. It’s all quite basic stuff, and for something that’s labelled as a big 2.00 update, is pretty barebones.

A short clip released by Bohemia Interactive shows the new content in action. The new training area does look like it could come in handy, especially as Arma 3 features quite advanced weapon mechanics. It looks like your typical shooting range where you can test out various firearms on static and moving cardboard targets. The lighting throughout the video looks off though, and Arma 3 looks even more dated than its 2013 release suggests.

Taking notes

Bohemia Interactive released the full patch notes online too, and the list is extensive. There’s a lot of bug fixes and quality of life changes in here, including minor tweaks to weapon mechanics plus new visual and sound effect additions. The “Fixed” list is unsurprisingly the largest, containing everything from dialog fixes to game freezing issues.

Hopefully, the changes revealed in the patch notes have more of an affect than what’s shown in the trailer. If so, update 2.00 can at least implement meaningful changes under the hood for Arma 3, even if things don’t look so great on the surface. It’s not clear whether Arma 4 is in development, but it is clear that a new engine will be required considering the current landscape.

Update 2.00 for Arma 3 is out now for PC.

Arma 3 update 2.00

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