Armored Core 6 AC boss battles look up to par with Elden Ring

Armored Core 6 Ac Boss Battles Look Up To Par With Elden Ring
Screenshot via FromSoftware

In the latest Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon gameplay preview, we got a decent viewing of what we can expect from combat scenarios. This FromSoftware mech action game lets you play as 621, an augmented human who pilots Armored Cores (ACs) as an independent mercenary. The gameplay preview showed how Armored Core 6 AC boss battles are looking up to par with Elden Ring’s combat.

Armored Core 6 gameplay preview shows AC boss battles

Set on the distant planet Rubicon-3, ‘Coral’ is a new energy source that caused a cataclysmic event. Throughout the new video, you’ll see story cutscenes, as well as detailed gameplay. The player is controlling this mech under the handler of ‘Walter’. You’ll embark on jobs from mega-corporations, and fight against resistance groups. Everyone is after the Coral and wants control over this resource.

With up to four weapons, you can simultaneously utilize them in combat against other ACs. Two are on your shoulders, and the other two are on your arms. Fights can either take place from far range, or up close and personal in melee combat. If flying around fast interests you, ‘Assault Boost’ allows you to traverse quickly, in or out of battle. Your AC mech is fully customizable, as is your array of weapons.

Armored Core 6 Ac Boss Battles Look Up To Par With Elden Ring Mech

Screenshot via FromSoftware

Throughout the video, you’ll see 621 engage in combat with other mechs, but also some much larger foes. The AC boss battles in Armored Core 6 look up to par with Elden Ring, but in different ways. Elden Ring’s combat is a lot more methodical, while the fights in Armored Core 6 are more chaotic. Despite this being different from the typical Soulsborne titles, Armored Core 6‘s combat is still detailed and engaging.

By the end of your missions, you’ll likely face these high-stakes boss battles. The narrator says this himself, “These fights are fast and aggressive, presenting a challenge for even the impossibly powerful AC”. Similar to the Soulsborne games, these bosses have observable tells and strategies. You’ll have to learn and overcome their patterns to win these battles.

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