Armored Core 6 pro tip: don’t skip the Training missions

Armored Core 6 Training Missions
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The moment you start Armored Core 6, you’ll launch into your first real mission. While this mission does a good job of teaching you the ropes, you really shouldn’t skip the Training missions found in the garage. And here’s why.

Note: If you’re stuck on the first mission because you can’t beat the HC Helicopter, check out our guide to help you out. I struggled with that boss for a while too, but I learned an easy trick to make sure you beat it fairly easily.

Play through every Training mission in AC6

Even if you are a pro at FromSoftware games and you’ve played every single Armored Core game, I think you should play through the Training missions in Armored Core 6. There aren’t that many Training missions and they are extremely short.

The main reason you should play every Training mission is you will learn a lot. You quite literally get thrown into Armored Core 6 and learning everything can be very overwhelming. The Training missions break down all the basics into bite-sized encounters to help you learn how to play AC6 — and they are all replayable.

Another major reason to not skip the Training missions is that you get to play as a premade mecha and experience different weapons and playstyles. The mecha legs you select in Armored Core 6 can drastically change your playstyle, and the Training missions are the best way to experience those differences.

Lastly, if the two first reasons didn’t convince you, completing the Training missions unlock parts. That’s right, complete a Training mission and you’ll get a free weapon, arms, or legs. Usually, the part you get corresponds to the training you just received.

So, if you want free parts, a chance to try out different mecha builds, and a quick tutorial that gives you hands-on experience with the mechanics, then don’t skip the Training mission in AC6. Another thing you shouldn’t skip is learning what the best weapons are in Armored Core 6.

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