Suddenly the decision to hire Obsidian to develop a competitive online tank-based title starts to make a little bit more sense, because all of the commanders and crews have RPG-like stat progress. The commander and crew process is explained in this new forum post over at the Armored Warfare boards.

Let’s start with the tank crews, because they’re more straightforward. According to the write-up, crew are assigned to specific vehicles and can’t be moved around between different tanks. They level up through battle experience and can be given customised skill-sets to improve their abilities. Crew skills are said to be “not a massive factor,” but the difference between a crew at level 1 and level 30 (half-way to the max of 60) is noted to be “considerable.”


Yes, this looks more like an Obsidian game.

Crew skills mean Armored Warfare tanks “are easier to operate, reload more rapidly or shoot more accurately.”

Commanders are more flexible and can be transferred between vehicles. They have two values which can be upgraded; characteristics and skills. Like the crews, commanders level up through battle experience and can spend points on various upgrades. Here are some examples of both characteristics and skills:


Competency — reduces the chances of disabling crew members when hardware is damaged.
Leadership — increases the level of different skills of their crew members.
Determination — this skill increases the commander’s loading skill level if the he combines this with his main duties. This characteristic also allows the commander to replace crew members that have been disabled.
Perception — increases the field of vision of the tank while the commander is aboard.


Eagle Eye — increases maximum aiming accuracy.
Uncontainable — increases the tanks maximum movement speed.
Tactical change — increases reloading speed.

Every player starts out with three ‘Generalist’ commander types at the beginning of the game. Others can be recruited through in-game currency or rewarded for performing special missions.


He “dislikes” video games, but he’s in one. A philosophical dilemma in waiting.

These are the different commander types who will be available to players:

Generalists — These Commanders can use a wide variety of vehicles and you will receive three Generalist commanders when you begin the game. These Commanders are limited in their growth but are quite flexible in terms of vehicle roles.

Veterans — These commanders are less common than Generalists and are more limited in their usability; for example, limited to a specific range of tiers and roles. So a Veteran Commander might be limited to Tier 1-3 AFVs/TDs.

Specialists — Specialist Commanders have a narrower range of vehicles that they can drive and are generally limited to a single role. For example, a Specialist Commander might only be able to work in Tier 7-8 MBTs. Specialists gain 5 Stat Points per level as opposed to the 2 that Generalist and Veteran Commanders gain.

Masters — Master Commanders are the rarest and restricted Commanders in Armored Warfare and can only command between 1 and 3 vehicles. They gain 6 Stat Points per level, the most out of any Commander class. Obtaining a Master Commander will be a significant accomplishment for players as they will become available only at level 50.

Exclusive – unique commanders who players can get only during special events. Their characteristics may differ or correspond to any level of qualification from Generalists to Masters. Players will be able to get 2 of these exclusive commanders before the game launches.

Armored Warfare is continuing to take beta sign-ups.

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