armored warfare

    You can tell by the barrel design that this is … um … well, it’s a tank.

    If you’re a better tank-spotter than me (everybody is a better tank-spotter than me,) there are plenty to see in this Armored Warfare Gamescom trailer. It’s dubbed “urban warfare” but it may as well be called “look at all the different tank models in this video.”

    Now, I have no idea if Armored Warfare has already announced all of these different tank-types, or if there are a few new ones in this trailer. To know that, I’d have to know a lot more about different models of tank. Unfortunately, my knowledge extends to “that one has a longer barrel” and “that one is higher off the ground with it’s treads.” Sorry, tank lovers.

    But look, if you’re interested in Armored Warfare you don’t need me to pick out tank models for you. You can just do it yourself by watching the trailer, below.

    The video’s conclusion encourages people to sign up for the beta over at the official site, so that’s presumably something that will take place in the near-ish future too.

    Peter Parrish

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