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November 23, 2012

IncGamers Plays: Far Cry 3 PC Map Editor

We all know how good Far Cry 3 is (see review) but there is also one feature that has slipped under many a gamer’s radar and that is the Far Cry 3 Map editor. In…

By: Paul Younger

August 27, 2012

First 24 hours in Guild Wars 2

It’s been a long time coming and ArenaNet has finally launched their MMO Guild Wars 2 which some might say is about to change how the MMORPG genre is perceived by the masses. I last…

By: Paul Younger

July 21, 2009

No Picture

MMO Weekly 21/07/09

Ahoy there, my fellow game-heads, and welcome to the very latest edition of MMO Weekly.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve been whacking away at a bees nest, going after the untouchable sacred cow and,…

By: Paul Younger

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