Where to find golden artifacts to complete the Fortnite Season 6 challenge

Fortnite Season 6 Golden Artifacts Challenge

Fortnite Season 6 has finally arrived. It has introduced brand new content in terms of a battle pass, the ability to have a pet, and a new crafting mechanic. Also, the battle royale has some new challenges for you to complete to kick start your battle pass. One of the challenges asks you to find a total of three artifacts in-game. The artifacts can be found at The Spire, a new point of interest which can be found in the middle of the map. As soon as you know where to look, completing the Fortnite Season 6 artifacts challenge will be an easy task.

Each part can be found around The Spire, though not on the actual Spire structure. The first artifact can be found close to the base of The Spire. It is near the north side of The Spire before you get to the pathway to climb up to the building. There will be a large piece of wood covering the artifact, so you will have to destroy the wood with your pickaxe to reveal it. In addition, a chest can spawn right next to the artifact which will make it even easier to find.


Next, another artifact can be found at the east side of The Spire. There will be a small market section on that side of the point of interest. You will find the artifact that you are required to collect for the challenge in one of the small markets.

Finding the last Fortnite Season 6 artifact to complete the challenge

The final artifact can be found on the west side of The Spire. All you have to do is make your way to the first floor of the building towards the northwest corner. It is important to note that this artifact looks different to the other two artifacts that are golden llamas.

Upon completion, you will earn 24,000 XP for your efforts. This will get your Season 6 battle pass off to a strong start.

Fortnite Season 6 Golden Artifacts Challenge

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