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During Sunday’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, we were treated to an array of announcements and fresh gameplay footage. The show began with our first peek at some Redfall gameplay, and ended with an extended look at Starfield. In between, there were even more announcements and trailers. As Dusk Falls was among the games that got a trailer, outlining the story of the families at the heart of the game, as well as a release date.

As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama where you are in control. Developed by INTERIOR/NIGHT, the game dives into the lives of two families across a 30-year timeframe. The trailer begins by taking us back to 1998, where a robbery has gone wrong in an Arizona town. The graphics consist of a captivating, hand-painted art style. Characters have complex backgrounds, and you’ll dictate their lives and relationships in the story, which will be told across two books.


As the story progresses, you’re given choices that decide what the characters will say or do. Be on the look out for Quick Time Events which usually occur during tense or dangerous moments.

The As Dusk Falls trailer only gives us a small glimpse into the multiple possibilities

There will be an element of replayability in As Dusk Falls, as you can play through the story multiple times and discover different outcomes. Also, you can find out the value of your decisions with up to eight other players at a time. Of course, you can play through the intense story solo if you prefer.

If the As Dusk Falls trailer catches your eye, you will not have to wait much longer to get your hands on it. As Dusk Falls has a release date set for July 19. It will arrive on Game Pass on day one, or you can check it out on Steam.

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