Ashes Cricket 2009 Patch Incoming

Codemasters has revealed that a patch for its latest cricket title will be with gamers soon.Codemasters’ community manager Ian Webster has revealed that a patch for Ashes Cricket 2009 is currently in the works for all platforms. The patch testing is being undertaken by members of the site who have been putting the proposed patch changes to the test. Some of the main changes in the patch include:The run-out bug has been addressed.Run-rates have been tweaked (particularly Test matches).Edges DO carry more.Bowler speeds HAVE been addressed.These are just a few of the changes, and in an interview with Codemasters’ Jamie Firth on Planetcricket, it is stated that a PC version of the patch will be released in around two weeks time. The console patches have to go through a submission process with the platform holders so they will take longer, with an estimated release of October if all goes as planned.Thanks to Peter Parrish for the tip.

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