Where next for the ‘assassinate things related to Hitler’ sub-genre? After Sniper Elite V2 opted for shooting the man himself, the tactical shooter Iron Front – Liberation 1944 is hoping to go one better, by including a multiplayer mode where you assassinate the Fuhrer’s favourite dog.
I’m holding out for a game where you have to trash his favourite novels with a sniper rifle, then mess up his clothes and put salt in his hair. Yeah, take that Hitler!
Anyway, the 2vs2 mode in Iron Front will cast two players as Soviet snipers and two others as German bodyguards, tasked with protecting Blondie the Alsatian with their lives.
Iron Front – Liberation 1944 is using the Arma II engine and aims to put you in the “role of a Russian or German infantryman, using teamwork, tactical skill and authentic war machines to battle for victory” during the Soviet Offensive of 1944. In addition to this single player campaign, there’ll be co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes along the usual lines (plus assassinating Hitler’s dog).
An extensive editor will also let you set up your own missions. So perhaps Operation Fuhrer’s Salty Hair can come to fruition after all.
The game will be released for the PC on 25 May.

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