Assassin’s Creed 2 Multiplayer And DLC


Speaking to IncGamers, associate producer for Assassin’s Creed, Vincent Pontbriand said the latest iteration of the game will feature DLC.

“There are plans for DLC, but I am not allowed to talk about it, but it’s something that creates longevity.”

Pontbriand was unable to comment any further on what the DLC would be, how it would make the game different, if at all, and when we’d see it, but was happy enough to confirm that DLC was certainly in the works.Something Pontbriand was a llittle cagey about was multiplayer.  Although Pointbriand said the team were considering multiplayer modes, they weren’t sure how to implement it.

We’ve been talking in the IncGamers office and we reckon, if it is something that will be included in the final game, or whether it’s something that’s tacked on using DLC, there are a lot of great opportunities for multiplayer modes.

We suggest, and Ubi take note, First Kill mode, where a group of you compete to kill a target first; Co-op Assassinations, which sees you utilising the Creed and working together to lure and destroy targets; Hunted mode, where you play as either the hunted or the hunter in a survival context; and finally Assassination mode, a team deathmatch kind of game where you take on a rival Assassin’s guild.

We’ve sent Ubisoft this idea, we’ll see what they say…

You can watch the full interview here.

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