In a bid for historical accuracy, George Washington, Charles Lee, Ben Franklin and Gilbert du Metier de Lafayette will all make an appearance in Assassin’s Creed 3, IncGamers has been told by Assassin’s Creed IP development director Tommy François .
We’re presuming that you’re already familiar with George ‘First American President’ Washington and Ben ‘Founding Father’ Franklin, so we’ll skip those.
Charles Lee was originally the man many wanted to take the position of Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, but his asking price was too high and George Washington got the job instead. Lafayette was a French aristocrat who served as a general under George Washington in the American Revolution and went on to be a key figure in the French Revolution.
Assassin’ s Creed 3 takes place from 1753 to 1783, and a quick wiki search reveals that the above four men took part in some rather interesting acts during that period – some noble, some not so noble and many a bit bloody.
Just how closely the game will follow the known lives of these men is unknown, but François did tell us that he doesn’t want the game to “go fantasy” and that it’s vital it “stays true to its era”.
In a further bid to illustrate that point, François said that a weapon known as the ‘chainblade’ was removed because there was no historical grounding for the device and it didn’t fit the rest of the game. Further, hero Connor originally had the ability to scalp his enemies but research into the Mojave Indian tribe he was born into revealed that group didn’t indulge in such practises.
As far as the in-game cities of Boston and New York go, François hopes the game will inspire you to visit some of their historical landmarks:
“”We hope that players that have gone through the Assassin’s experience will not only have the urge to go check out the relevant wiki pages, but maybe even visit these cities. We have thousands of pages of research that we have to go through and decide what to include based on what meets our period vision.”
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