According to a report in the most recent issue of PSM3 magazine, Assassin’s Creed 3 will be set in Egypt. This has not been officially confirmed by publisher Ubisoft, but the location would make sense given the hints dropped in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.
Warning: Spoilers below for those that have not finished Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.
At the end of Revelations, Altair’s son, Darim, says that he has moved books from the assassin’s library to the ancient Egyptian capital of Alexandria. Seeing as how Revelations has concluded the stories of protagonists Ezio and Altair, could it be that Darim will star in the next game?
It has already been confirmed that the next game in the series will be the last in the current plotline and will be the finale to Desmond Miles’ story.
Our review of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations can be found here.

Paul Younger
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