Publishers absolutely love schemes that get you to give them early money for stuff that hasn’t been released yet. ‘Pre-ordering’ has got so out of hand that every release with serious money behind it comes with retailer-specific bonus trinkets; all as a ‘reward’ for handing over some cash before you find out the game is actually a bit nob.

DLC, the practice of selling piecemeal portions of your game after the ‘main’ bit is already out, is also huge business for publishers. So it only makes sense to combine the two approaches in the form of the ‘Season Pass’, a method of getting people to pay for DLC before its even out.

Assassin’s Creed 3 has even taken this a step further, attempting to sweeten the Season Pass deal by giving holders access to the extra quests and hats and stuff before it becomes available as a stand-alone release. As such, the ‘Hidden Secrets’ DLC is out today for Season Pass holders, but won’t be available as a stand-alone until 11 December.

‘Hidden Secrets’ includes three additional missions for boring protagonist Connor to complete: the Lost Mayan Ruins, the Ghost of War and a Dangerous Secret. In total, the three missions are said to give you “an additional hour” of extra, so let’s face it you’re not missing out on much.

An Assassin’s Creed 3 Season Pass costs £24 GBP.

Peter Parrish

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