If you want a good excuse to spend a load of money on a particularly cool-looking Halloween costume, here’s the perfect chance.As spotted by Kotaku, Museum Replicas, a company that makes replica armour and weapons, has obtained the licence to make Assassin’s Creed clothing and weaponry. A pretty thorough selection of Altair’s wardrobe is available, from his boots to his famous hooded tunic, to his throwing knives and sword, fans can look the part for a total of around $1,000 USD for the full outfit.Whether you want to have the coolest Halloween costume in the country, or you’re just a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, this outfit kicks proverbial arse, and if you want it, I would suggest ordering it quickly before Museum Replicas sell out.Of course, all this comes just in time for Assassin’s Creed II’s release next month. Check out our preview of this highly-anticipated game here.

Paul Younger
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