black flag blackbeard dlc (3)

Yo ho ho, I’m going to throttle you with my beard.

When I first saw word of a Blackbeard-based DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, I hoped it would be another single player add-on to go alongside Freedom Cry. Sadly, that’s not the case. As it appeared at the time (when the achievements were spotted,) this is going to be a multiplayer release.

Not that I’d mind playing as Blackbeard in the Black Flag multiplayer, it’s just that more single player adventures with the crazy, hat-firework bastard would’ve been quite lively. He’ll be joined in multiplayer by The Orchid (a former military adviser in the Quing dynasty) and The Jaguar (an Aztec warrior.)

The Blackbeard DLC is part of Black Flag’s ‘Season Pass,’ so if you own one of those you’ll get this for free. It’ll presumably have a stand-alone price as well, but Ubisoft isn’t saying what that is. You may have to wait until Wednesday’s release on PC to find out.

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