Next Assassin's Creed Valhalla Standalone Game Basim

As it often is with the AAA games industry, we can hardly go a year without another installment of an already bloated franchise. No, I’m not referring to Call of Duty. This time. In a report by Bloomberg, it appears Ubisoft is looking to deliver the next Assassin’s Creed as a standalone starring the Middle Eastern Basim from Valhalla.

According to the report, the game was first meant to be an expansion for Valhalla. It spun off the base game during development and now will get released sometime this year or next. As a standalone game, it won’t be as large as Valhalla or its predecessors. The report also claims that the game is more focused on stealth action. Considering it’s following Basim, the standalone Assassin’s Creed game is likely filling in lore gaps following his introduction in Valhalla.


But, of course, Ubisoft is staying mum. Speaking to Bloomberg, a Ubisoft representative refused to confirm the rumor. Eurogamer, however, did speak with Valhalla‘s producer, José Araiza, about the game’s future. Araiza confirmed in December that, yes, Basim will return, saying “I’m not going to give you more details. But yes, you definitely will see more of Basim.”

Assassin's Creed Valhalla standalone game basim

Back to the basics

I like the idea of a more stealth-focused Assassin’s Creed game. You’d think it would be a given, considering the history of the franchise. But many of the more modern takes, starting from Origin, have revolved around stealth action, as opposed to scouting and hunting your prey. Stealth was and still is a major component of the series, but it has been sharing a bed with blockbuster-style action. It’s worked, for the most part, but I do miss the thrill of the silent hunt. With Basim, the standalone Assassin’s Creed could return the gameplay to its roots — if it even exists.

For now, we have two Assassin’s Creed projects confirmed by Ubisoft. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok is scheduled to release on March 10. The next game, codenamed Infinity, is also in development.

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