Ubisoft have just published the Assassin’s Creed Unity companion app for smartphones and tablets. The app has a premium option, but to be clear, it does not lock away any in-game content. What the app has are several modes and features to help you in gameplay.

First off, there’s a 3D minimap of Paris, a stark improvement over the companion app for Black Flag. Then there are Glyph Puzzles, a set of puzzles which you solve to open up another mode, Nomad Brotherhood.

Nomad Brotherhood is a mode in the app, similar to Black Flag’s trade route missions. You have to choose the right assassin for the job, then wait for him or her to accomplish the goal. You get rewarded with currency, new assassination missions, and gear, which all go back to the minigame.

For contact that is actually useful in the game, there is the Loadouts, which lets you pick the best combination of gear, Heatmap mode, which lets you see how other players finished missions in the 3D map, and best of all, the Animus, so you don’t have to spend hours in front of your PC or console playing it anymore.

Fans noted that there is premium content in the app, but to clarify, the game content is for the app’s own minigames, and there is nothing in the app that’s locked from the base game.

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