Assault Android Cactus Shows Twin-tensity in this Trailer

Assault Android Cactus Shows Twin-tensity in this Trailer

It seems like the interest in Assault Android Cactus has reached a peak in the last few days, weeks. The developers have released various trailers showcasing the intense gameplay that can be expected from the title, the most recent being a highlight and accolades trailer. But, it can be said with confidence that the game looks as smooth as a gallon of buttermilk going through a hound dog.

The story follows the main character Cactus as she mows down enemies through a large space carrier. The full release looks to house 25 levels and five boss battles within the ships wreckage. There are also various characters, other than Cactus, and weaponry to accompany them. Multiplayer fans will find there is a boasted local co-op that utilizes mouse/keyboard and controller combinations.

Assault Android Cactus is currently enrolled in the development process for PC and Mac. Future releases for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Wii U are planned. Click here for the official site and here for the Steam page.

Editor’s Note: There is something to be said personally about the game. Maybe I’ve played a little too much Cannon Spike in my Dreamcast days, or even Total Carnage in the years prior. But, the game shows huge promise even though it is currently on Steam’s Early Access.

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