Asterigos Curse Of The Stars Mercy Maiden Key Andreas Boss Guide How To Beat Andreas

Asterigos: Mercy Maiden Key and Andreas boss guide


There are several bosses that you must defeat in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars. One of them is hiding in a temple, though you do need to find a few items before you can gain access. Here’s our Asterigos: Curse of the Stars guide to help you find the Mercy Maiden Key items and finish the Andreas boss fight in the Sunken Outskirts.

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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars – Mercy Maiden Key locations and Andreas boss guide (Sunken Outskirts)

For the Mercy Maiden Key objective in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, you’ll want to tag the Flooded Belt fast travel point in the Sunken Outskirts. From there, make a right and go past the swamp until you reach the Hunters’ Camp (which happens to have another teleporter).

One of the camp’s exits has a metal gate. Go to the next area where there’s a short scene involving Eumenides and a centurion. Take note of this location since the paths here lead to other sections of this level.

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Mercy Maiden Key #1

Talk to the centurion, who’ll then give you the objective to find the four Mercy Maiden Keys. The first one is fairly close by, as it’s inside the shrine with the glowing sigil.

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Mercy Maiden Key #2

Teleport to the Flooded Belt and go past the nearby gate. Make a left and follow the canyon as it loops around. Eventually, you’ll come across a rock formation with the item right on top of it. Do a running jump to grab it.

Mercy Maiden Key #3

This one can be a bit of a doozy:

  • Go back to the Hunters’ Camp and climb to the top using the wooden ropes and the ladder.
  • Talk to the centurion here who’ll hand over some supplies. Knock on the doors of the four sheds on this upper area so you can give the supplies to those in need.
  • Climb down the ladder and speak to the buff fella below.
  • Talk to the centurion again, and ask you to take out the chimera. Remember the area where you saw Eumenides? Follow the sloping path beyond that to find the monster.
  • Once you’re done with these tasks, the centurion will give you his key.

Mercy Maiden Key #4

Finally, follow the tunnel from Eumenides’ area. You’ll then see the Gate of Aegis teleporter. Next to it is a centurion that’s blocking the passage. Beat him up and he’ll open the gate. Continue along the dirt path, taking out mobs as you go. Once you spot the ruins, you’ll notice more bandits. One of the big fellas will drop the item.

Now that you’ve obtained all four Mercy Maiden Keys in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, climb up the cliffside to the Temple of Mercy. The open area here has a teleporter and, beyond, is a gargantuan energy barrier.

Defeat the enemies here and place all four quest items inside the mechanisms. The statue will cause the barrier to power down.

Astr Cots Mrmk Andrbs 1c

Andreas boss fight

All right, now, it’s time for the Andreas boss fight in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars. This is a two-phase encounter, but the boss can be quite a pushover. His attacks are relatively slow and easily telegraphed. But, if you mess up, you’ll get trounced badly.

For the first phase of the fight where he’s in human form, he’ll mostly do melee combos and rushes. Ideally, you’ll want him to get close enough so you can begin spamming Blade Dance. This should deplete a ton of his HP, and you can follow through with regular hits afterward.

Astr Cots Mrmk Andrbs 2a

Once you’ve fully depleted Andreas’ health bar, he’ll transform into a minotaur for the second phase of the fight. His attacks are still slow and sluggish, but far deadlier this time around. Likewise, there are two nasty abilities to watch out for:

  • Rebound Slam – The boss will jump to a pillar/wall off to the side. He’ll then leap toward you, doing a couple of cyclone slashes along the way.
  • Earthquake Slam – This is another rush attack, but he’ll hammer the ground where you are, causing a devastating eruption.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is available via Steam.

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