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Fedorah is your trusted buddy in Astria Ascending, a leonine creature with wings (think lamassu but it keeps its lion head). At the start, Fedorah doesn’t really do a lot. However, as you progress further in the campaign, new mechanics are unlocked, including a shoot-em-up (shmup) minigame. Here’s our Astria Ascending guide to help you find items for Fedorah to boost its capabilities in the shmup minigame.

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Astria Ascending guide: The shmup minigame and where to find items for Fedorah

During the early stages of Astria Ascending‘s campaign, you’ll visit Zodiac Temples to acquire Astrae Summons. The usual process here is that you’ll need to go to Haevelion Point at the top of Harmonia’s tower. Once you ride Fedorah, you’ll spawn at a zone first that leads to a temple (i.e., the Swamps take you to Pisces Temple). It’s a very linear affair that only opens up once you reach the mid-game.

At that stage, the moment you ride Fedorah, you’ll be engaged in a shoot-em-up or shmup minigame. Fedorah’s health is represented by pips and each hit you take will deplete these. The goal here is to use different elemental shots, as well as power-ups dropped by enemies, to defeat your foes and the boss.

There are only a handful of these stages. But, you can talk to an NPC named Modolfr found in Ranta Outskirts so you can replay a run to get a higher score. Along the way, you can also try to look for items that will increase Fedorah’s HP. Just remember that you can only equip one of these at any given time, so it’s definitely better to wear the one that gives the biggest HP boost.

Note 1: You might need to acquire some Zodiac Ring powers and upgrades to reach certain areas.

Note 2: To change the flying mount’s equipment, open your menu and click on the Fedorah tab.

Astria Ascending Fedorah Items Shmup 1

Item #1: Swamps (+1 HP)

Teleport to the Swamps – Branching Roots and keep going to the right to enter a doorway. You’ll find Fedorah in the next area. There’s a chest at the lower-left corner of this room. You need the Zodiac Ring’s Water upgrade from the Scorpio Temple. This lets you walk across the pond to reach the chest.

Astria Ascending Fedorah Items Shmup 2

Item #2: Blazing Fields (+3 HP)

If you’ve already discovered it, then the fast travel point is at the Blazing Fields – Path to the Sagittarius Temple. There’s a ledge at the top where Fedorah is chilling. Down below, you’ll see a chest. You’ll need the Fire upgrade from the Sagittarius Temple so you don’t get scorched.

Astrasc Fedsh Mount Gd 1

Item #3: Archipelago (+5 HP)

For this one, go to the Archipelago – Entrance to Libra Temple. You’ll want to head to the right and loop around until you see a chest. This also requires the Fire upgrade since the sunlight will burn you immediately. Oh, and I should warn you that the area map here is bugged. Ulan’s icon appears elsewhere, so just take a look at the image below to know the item’s location.

Astrasc Fedsh Mount Gd 2

Item #4: Windam (+10 HP)

This is pretty much the best item that you can get for Fedorah, and it’s the one that you want to equip once you have it. You’ll need to reach the village of Windam (don’t worry since it’s part of the main quest). Once you’re there, keep going to the right. At the very edge of the area, press “A” on your gamepad to open a hidden chest.

Astria Ascending Fedorah Items Shmup 3

Astria Ascending is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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