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In every game that we play, it’s of tantamount importance to keep our characters in tip-top shape. Astria Ascending is no exception, and there are actually a few methods that help your party survive. Here’s our Astria Ascending guide to help you heal, revive, and regain MP.

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Astria Ascending guide: How to heal, revive, and regain MP

Generally speaking, you can heal, revive, and restore mana in Astria Ascending by using items or casting spells:

Function Item Spell
HP Restoration Potion Cure-type, Regen (Scholar/White Mage, Summoner, and Captain/Guardian)
MP Restoration Ether MP Cure (White Mage)
Reviving Life Fragment/Core and Angel Kiss/Wings Raise-type (Scholar/White Mage and Summoner)

To affect multiple teammates, you’ll want to look for Omni variants (i.e., Omni Potion X, Omni Ether+, Omni Curus). For reviving, the Life Fragment and Life Core items only affect a single target. Meanwhile, the Angel Kiss and Angel Wing items can bring multiple party members back to life.

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There are also additional factors that you need to consider. First, being in a town or hub (i.e., Harmonia, Arsion, Ranta, and others) will automatically regenerate the HP and MP of characters. However, if you’re inside a dungeon, only HP will be regenerated when you’re not in combat. That means, for the most part, you’ll want to stock up on some extra Ethers to restore mana. Just stay idle for a bit outside of battles until your HP is full.

The second is that some jobs (i.e., classes) tend to have passives that help with these facets. For instance, Blossom (Black Mage and White Mage) will automatically restore 5% of a character’s max MP when they take their turn. Likewise, there’s MP Synthesis (Summoner) which also restores 5% of a character’s max MP whenever they deal physical or magical damage. If you stacked a ton of MP on someone like Dagmar or Alassia (roughly 800 or so), you can ensure that they’ll gain back the MP that they spend on spells without needing to use items. Other passives like Rescuer and Auto-Raise (White Mage) will become invaluable for instant revival during a fight.

Finally, make sure that all party members are alive before you finish a battle. Those who are knocked down won’t gain XP or SP at all. In fact, even if the battle settings for Reserve Party Members XP Ratio and SP Ratio are at 100%, dead teammates would gain nothing unless you revive them first.

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Astria Ascending is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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