Atari Dramatically Reduces Annual Losses

Atari has posted its annual financial results for the year ended March 2010, showing a dramatic reduction in losses but no overall net profit.

The released statistics present a net loss of 19.4 million euros ($23.8 million USD), a substantial improvement on the 221.9 million euro ($272.4 million USD) net loss made by the publisher in 2008/2009.

Oddly, these reduced losses also coincide with a fall in revenue – down 15% for the year ended March 2010. Atari cites lower publishing revenue as the reason, and claims that selling fewer, more profitable games was the aim for 2009/2010.As is ever the case in financial summaries, the company is eager to point out that 2010/2011 looks a lot better, suggesting “considerable improvement in current operating income.” Test Drive Unlimited 2 is listed for release in autumn of 2010, and The Witcher 2 should be arriving in spring 2011.